Location Ericeira, Lisbon, Portugal

Type Commission

Program Restaurant

Area 100 m2

Date October 2019

Status Completed

This restaurant is quite a landmark of Ericeira, a town on the coast of Portugal, just outside of Lisbon.

Popular for its local dishes, the owners wanted to give it a new atmosphere. More welcoming, warmer and with more natural materials.

The warmth of wood was an obvious choice, while trying to retain some of the industrial vibe that customers were asking for. Steel frames, industrial style lamps and metal chairs helped create the desired mood.

The use of deep blue tiling around the bar is a reference to the sea and all the fresh fish that arrives at the restaurant early in the morning.

Brown wood, on the other hand, gives a more wintry feeling and alludes to the meat dishes also served in the restaurant.

Customers wanted to continue serving meat and fish, and a design that would make customers feel welcome.

Both in winter and in summer.

The use of deep blue, wood and steel seemed like a good compromise, making customers think of both fish and meat.

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